25 Reasons You Must Have A Folding Stationary Exercise Bike

Folding Exercise Bike is a home gym equipment offering moderate, low-impact workout at home or office. It is quite fit for people who wants to keep body activity, release stress, etc. Besides that, there are more benefits you can expect. Here are the 25 Reasons You Must Have A Folding Exercise Bike.

  1. Lightweight, not as clumsy as Treadmill, Cycling Spin Bike, especially fit for woman and for home use. According to our statistics, the average product weight is around 45 lbs, comparing to TreadMill ( 150 lbs), Spin Bike ( 100 lbs).
  2. Compact design, Space Saving for limited apartment/home/office block. It can folded up max to 1/2 of the overall size. Some models can even put under the bed or into a closet.
  3. Whisper Quiet when ride on it, it won’t disturb your family member, neighbors, pets and downstairs, etc. You can also watch TV, listen to music, talk phone or chatting to each other.
  4. Easy Transportation mobility feature with build-in wheels, You can move here and there by yourself.
  5. Easy-to-use with no complicated setting at all, adjustable saddle height to fit for most of customer.
  6. 1-8 level resistance control, you can challenge and do workout from easy to hard level.
  7. Some model have semi-recumbent feature fit for seniors or for multiple function.
  8. Easy assembly steps even for dummy, most of the parts were pre-assembled in places. One person can handle it in 20 minutes without other’s help.
  9. Monitor shows personal activity data, proud to tell friends I’ve ride 10000 miles.
  10. Listen to beautiful noise rhythm (after operate months later). Some model may appear various strange sounds because of product defect.
  11. Hang laundry sometime, because people buy it and several months later they quit and left there. It could be a nice laundry hanger.
  12. Cheap, you can buy a basic model under $100, see our Review of Cheap Exercise Bike that Under $100.
  13. Every member of your family can use it with it’s adjustable saddle height except children.
  14. Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle, stop making belly fat. People are sitting too many hours a day. Try to move it.
  15. Don’t be a coach potato after dinner. Move it on exercise bike, and you can still watch your favorite TV show at the same time.
  16. You can have a moderate workout, burn extra calories but low injury risk to knees and ankles.
  17. The exercise bike is perfect for toning hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, and increasing metabolism,  also helps develop a little leg strength. It can helps joint surgery recovery at easiest tension level.
  18. Making sweat helps reverse the effects of aging on your skin, stay young.
  19. It can improve your stamina, have a better sex life for both man and woman.
  20. It will improve sleep quality after daily workout on exercise bike.
  21. Some model features of working while exercising by add a desk.
  22. You can take it to the office for exercising while working, do not stand up or sit a whole day.
  23. Don’t have to set up a plan to go to the gym course, get on and ride anytime at home.
  24. You can keep on exercising despite bad weather outside like hot summer or cold winter.
  25. Ride miles and miles a day or have 10,000 steps without leaving sweet home.

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