Full Review of Cheap Folding Exercise Bike, Under $100

1). Review Result First

Are you plan to buy a Folding Exercise Bike for use at home or office? If you are not sure which to buy and search the internet for comparison, but facing at numerous models even makes you more confused which is the best among all these professional or non-professional brand’s model? Here is the full review of 2017 Cheap Folding Exercise Bike with sales price under $100 at Amazon and buying guide.

As usual, we reveal the result to you first.

Top 10 Rand of Cheap Folding Exercise Bike, Under $100

Product Image
Brand NameSunnyPintyBody RiderSoozierFDWAWAncheerMeraxGiantexGoplus

To be simple, you can choose one from the top 3 and buy the one you like, PERIOD.

But, If you want to know more Specs and how this conclusion was made, below is the review details for you. It will cost you about 15 minutes reading the coming 2000 words content.

2). Review Detail Reveal:

Detail Rate of Cheap Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

 GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Average Score3.153.753.
Overall Durable55554.54.55555
Handle Bars34.5333334.64.54.6
Driving System1535333555
LCD Monitor4444445554
Saddle Comfort33.54433443.54
Brand Bonus3333.53333.54.54.5

Basically, this kind of exercise bike has no secret or kind of transparent in the manufacturer’s community. Editor of this article has many years experiences imported to US retail market, he traveled many factory to see the process, inspect the quality, and more. We are pleased to ask him give us this review content.

At early ages, you can only see it in super mall like Walmart, Sears or some big gym/sports retailer stores like Dick’s. Why? Because e-commerce is not became a trend then, and the most important reason is product gross weight is heavy, it’s almost as heavy as furniture. So, only a few merchants doing this business online due to the high logistics cost. Now both product cost and logistic cost are decreased(thanks to made in china and thanks to sell on Amazon), they start to selling online and you can see more and more models in many kinds of online store.

As talked above, there is no need to review every single one of them for such simple product. First, we carefully picked out 10 models currently sales in Amazon. Next, in order to review and compare each other based on pre-setup standards, give you some basic knowledge at the same time. We established 10 review parts and each parts has 0 to 5 points from the worst to the best. Finally, we get the 1st rank to the 10th as showed as above table sheet. OK, Let’s check every part one by one.

2.1)Durable: Review the material, the weight capacity, etc

Review Durable of Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

 GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Max Weight Capacity270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs270 lbs
Overall Durable55554.54.55555

First, As you can see, they all followed the same frame structure. It was made by durable steel tube, crossed each other and connected at the middle, looks like an “X” type. It is also called “X-bike”, because “X” has a similar pronunciation as Exercise. You may seen some brand or retailer advertised as an X-bike or as seen on TV ads. Don’t feel strange, it is just an folding exercise bike offering a basic, moderate cardiovascular exercise at home or office, Period. As a result, all of them have similar stable structure and weight capacity  up to 270 lbs, some model maybe way up to 300 lbs. If your body weight is over 300 lbs, you may search for an upgrade model for safety or try other activities to lose weight first.

Second, we noticed the handlebar foam uses by Merax and Giantex are not as good as other 8 models. Merax and Giantex uses ordinary NBR/PVC foam, but others uses High Density HDR/PVC foam which is more durable than normal. After months using, ordinary foam may tear apart because hand strength, sweat or water. But high density foam will last longer. so we deduct 0.5 star from these two brands.

2.2)Handle Bars: Review the handle, more positions provided more flexibility

Review of Handle Bars Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Handle TypeU typeRectangularU typeU typeU typeU typeU typeFront/RearRectangularFront/Rear
Handle Bars34.5333334.64.54.6
Cheap folding exercise bike handle bar review

6 of 10 has a similar U type handle, also called horn type. Rider’s hand have two positions to grab. This is the basic one with nothing special. But we are glad to find 4 of 10 brand, equipped a better rectangular handle, idea is coming from a real road bike, Rider’s hand can grab the handle by vertically or horizontally. There are no differences on comfortable, but It feels like riding on the road and people will not get boring after long time cycling. So, we gave FDW 4.5 starts, and because Pinty and Sunny has back handle , we also gave them 4.6 stars.

According to the review standard, if an exercise bike equipped rectangular type front handle and also have rear handle with support back cushion, then it is worth 5 starts.
2.3)Driving System: Review the core mechanical transmission and resistance system

Driving System Review of Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Driving System1535333555

when some model said their resistance adjustment is electrodeless, that means they use the cheapest choice to save cost. They uses fabric strap instead of rubber belt. Rubber Belt used on Exercise BikeIt feels terrible when riding and the lifetime is also more shorter than rubber belt. so it is highly suggested not to order these products. Unfortunately, Goplus is the one, so they get the lowest 1 point. The 8 level tension adjust knob is occupied the 99% of the market. A compromise method is use rubber belt in the core but with an electrodeless adjust knob outside. The dashboard only shows “+”and “-”  instead of 1 to 8 levels. The resistance level is not very clearly increased or decreased in result. so they only worth 3 stars.



2.4) LCD Monitor: Review the LCD monitor showing personal activity data;

LCD Monitor Review of Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
LCD Monitor4444445554

Ancheer, Pinty and Body Rider has heart rate function on the handle, so LCD monitor shows your pulse when you put your hands on the handle and cycling. The other 7 brands has no such feature. They just want to save some cost as we said, even it only cost few dollars to add the heart rate function. By the way, If we didn’t tell you which LCD monitor belongs to which brand, can you figure it out from the above image? I don’t think so. That’s the problem, at this price, similarity is the biggest problem.

2.5)Pedal: Review the cycling safety and foot comfortable

Pedal Review of Cheap Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
SpecPlain w/StrapPlain w/Straptexture w/strap, bolttexture w/strapPlain w/StrapPlain, no StrapPlain, no Straptexture w/straptexture w/straptexture w/strap

Searching the market, there are 4 kinds of pedals you can get it from the manufacturer.

  • The basic one is like the left one, small and shallow textured surface, nothing more than provide you a basic pedal for your foot and it is very narrow to hold less half of your shoe.
  • A little further, they add a safety strap to better hold your foot, just like the one equipped on Goplus’ or FDW’s.
  • Third one is like the one in the middle, the pedal surface has some anti-slip textured pattern, and also have safety strap to lock your foot as you can seen it in Soozier’s, Pinty’s, or Sunny’s. This is also the mostly and widely adopted in stationary exercise bike or recumbent bike at even higher sales price.
  • Fourth, AW has the best pedal of 5 stars among these 10 models, because this pedal has a lengthened tread with attached a strengthen bolt at very end of the pedal as image shows. This improvement will decrease the issue of loosen pedal after long time riding. This is the best solution right now in the market, unless some brand innovate some new way to improve.
2.6)Saddle: Review the seat comfortable;

Saddle of Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Saddle Comfort33.54433443.54

The saddle like found in Goplus’, Merax’s or Giantex’s is the worst type, it have no cushion, no thickness. Just a leather wrap the inner plastic frame. The other saddle has larger scale and better cushion for your hips. But still far from the best saddle.

According to furniture cushion standard, the saddle should have at least 2.5 inches thickness, then people will feel comfortable on it. we are curious why these brands didn’t try to offer the best saddle, because this is the key elements that weather if people can enjoy the riding or training.

2.7) Mobility: Review the mobility of the exercise bike

Mobility Review of Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny

Why 9 of them get zero point? Because they said it is lightweight and easy to fold it up and space saving. But they all missing one thing as picture shows. God, they forgot wheels. Without the rolling wheels, how people can conveniently move it here and there. Only Sunny’s model has wheels equipped as picture.


Review Ergonomics of Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

 GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny

Most of them will tell you their exercise bike can fit 4’10” to 6’2” or around that, but throughout the customer review, there are still many customers asking or complaining they are too short or too tall to use the bike. You may also wondering if you can fit it or not before you buy it.

That’s the problem. And here is our best solution that those brands people should see and change their description right away.

The answer is people should focus on the Inseam Length. That’s the key to determine if someone can ride the bike or not. The farthest length from saddle to pedal is the data they should provide. People’s total body height or upper body is not very important to the result. For example, suppose that length is 30 inches, your inseam is 28 inches, then you better not buy it because your foot can’t reach it when pedal is move to the farthest position. No matter your total body height is, as long as your inseam length is enough for the spec, you can ride it.


Warranty of Folding Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny

As sells on Amazon, Brand was promised to provide top class customer service. You can refund, return or repair the defected item from them or ask for the help of Amazon customer service. They offer 1-year limited warranty. We believe they all pay attention their performance in Amazon and don’t expect a claim from customer.

2.10)Brand:Review if this brand is a professional fitness brand or just trading brand;

Brand Bonus of Upright Exercise Bike, Under $100

GoplusFDWAWSoozierMeraxGiantexAncheerPintyBody RiderSunny
Brand Bonus3333.53333.54.54.5

Why we review this? Because if they are professional fitness brand, we believe they know the product better than non-professional company. So they maybe more focus on the design, quality and customer service if they want to build their brand reputation.

If it is a trading brand or groceries brand company, they just target for the sales and profit. They just source the manufacturer, imported to America, and sell it to customer. They cut the product cost, chaise the final profit, and don’t put effort to build a pro-fitness brand in long term. We should avoid such brand’s product. If it’s a professional brand, we gave 5 starts to honor their effort. If not, they got 3 stars.

2.11) PS:

You may aware we didn’t review the color, or appearance, because that’s very personal. Hard to say which color is better. I like black, you may like red. But above then points has common rate system, most of people will feel the same situation.

Besides, If you’d like us to review some other features, that was not included in above content, please feel free to make a comment. We will do it.
2.12) A Customer Feedback Chart:

We’ve been looked at 8 hundred of customer reviews and feedback and make a chart above. As a result, 30% of customer is asking if their body height is fit for the exercise bike or not; or some customer is complaining too short to use after receive the product. —– Please check above section 2.8) for references.

20% of customer is saying the saddle is so hard, so stiffness to sit, they can’t enjoy the riding. —–Please check section 2.6) for it.

By this, we decided to make a new article, try to answering some FAQs from customer feedback based on our experiences in factory.

3). Summary:

At price under $100, professional fitness brand don’t pay much attention on it. Other merchants import from OEM factory, sell in the market, maybe some of them come from the same factory.

What is the ideal folding exercise bike at price under $100?

At least it should including below features:

  • All equipped with standard heart rate function;
  • Use saddle as comfortable as possible;
  • Use better textured pattern pedal with safety strap and bolt;
  • Pay attention to overall quality, decrease the minor defects;

4). Final Words From Editor:

After reading above article, we believe you have already know how to judge an exercise bike even if you only see the photos. If you want to buy it at under $100, choose one from Pinty, Body Rider and Sunny. But you can’t expect too much on that.

So If price under $100 is not ideal to buy an upright folding exercise bike, how about we add some bucks and seek if price at $100~$200 has some great deal? Maybe that’s the best value stays.

Next, we will post The Review of Folding Stationary Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike with price between $100 and $200. Let’s find out if those brand’s model has make some improvement and if they have some unique features to each other.  Also, that price range $100 to $200, we can find a new type which combined exercise bike with work desk. They are thinking people could do some work when riding on it.  Check here for Best Folding Exercise Bike with Laptop Desk Workstation Buying Guide, 2017