First Review of FitDesk 2.0 vs 3.0 Exercise Bike with Laptop Desk

1. Buying Guide:

New FitDesk 3.0 is coming. Did you use FitDesk FDX2.0 exercise bike before? Does it have exciting upgrades? Is FitDesk 3.0 better than V2.0? Here we are glad to present The First Full Review of FitDesk 2.0 vs 3.0 Folding Exercise Bike with Laptop Desk.

FitDesk 2.0 vs 3.0 Review Score

 FitDesk FDX 3.0 Exercise Bike w/DeskFitDesk FDX 2.0 Exercise Bike w/DeskRemark
Overall Durable4.34.5Slightly Decrease
Desk Performance4.34Slightly Improve
Driving System55Same
LCD Monitor4.54.5Same
Pedal4.34.5Slightly Decrease
Brand Bonus4.74.7Same
Average Review Score4.614.62Two Downside, One Upside
FitDesk FDX3.0 Product Image
Here is the review result. Currently FitDesk V3.0 has two downside, one upside. The average score is 0.1 lower than old FitDesk 2.0. But honestly, those two downside items can easily fixed if they aware it. After that, V3.0 will be good upgrade.

What’s the buying guide right now?

  • If you use FitDesk 2.0 before, satifiy with it, There is no need to buy a new 3.0.
  • If you use FitDesk 2.0 before, but not happy with it, probably V3.0 will be the same performance. OK, we provide you our Best Folding Exercise Bike with Laptop Desk Workstation Buying Guide, 2017,  you can find your favorite.
  • If you are new to this type of product, and decide chose FitDesk Brand, then we suggest you to order FitDesk V2.0 right now. Because V2.0 and V3.0 has 95% similar features, and it is cheaper now, even they offer a coupon right now.

Clear? If you want to know more specs and how this conclusion was made, below is the review details. It will cost you about 10 minutes reading the coming 2000 words content. Thanks for your time.

2. Review Detail:

FitDesk FDX2.0 vs. FDX3.0 Exercise Bike w/Desk Specs

 FitDesk FDX2.0FitDesk FDX3.0
Product Size28.00"L x 16.00"W x 45.00"H28.00"L x 16.00"W x 45.00"H
Fold Size16"L x 26"W x 45"H16"L x 26"W x 45"H
Desk Size16"L x 19"W16"L x 19"W
Extendable Desk Size16"L x 33"W16"L x 33"W
Product Weight47 lbs47 lbs
Fit Human Height4'10" to 6'5"4'10" to 6'5"
Table Cup Holder0 (*1X Extended)0 (*1X Extended)
Table Drawer1X (Underneath)1X Build-in
Monitor Function55
Resistance Control1-81-8
Back CushionYesYes
Back HandleNoNo
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Semi-Recumbent AdjustYesYes
Transportation WheelsYesYes
Other FeaturesX2 Resistance BandsX2 Resistance Bands
Launch Date20132017
Let’s review one by one below.

2.1) Overall Durable:

By their description, Both FitDesk 2.0 and 3.0 has build to last with high quality gear box components for years of reliable operation. After carefully check, nothing is changed on material or components of V3.0. It is made by durable steel tube and still maintain 300 lbs weight capacity.

300 lbs is enough for most of customers, after all, we should know the key point of FitDesk Exercise Bike is “improving your cardiovascular health while working on that next big deadline, surfing the web or keeping up with friends.” If you use it in your office, you don’t expect to get too much sweat and effect your working efficiency, right? Don’t put the cart before the house. If you want to lose weight, you’d better try other fitness equipment such as TreadMill, Spin Bike, etc. They can provide more hard and vigorous workout to help you lose weight.

But we noticed the plastic plug on the front/rear leg used to stand on the ground is changed. Check the image.  The right one is the new FitDesk 3.0, it is changed to a round plug stand, but as you can see, the left one of old FitDesk 2.0 is flat ground stand. The old one has better stability performance than the new one, because the old one has more flat areas tough the floor. This is the first downside, hope they will see it and change it back in future batch of mass production.

2.2) Desk/Handle Bar:

About the desk and handle bar, they say as “Desk features non-slip surface, build-in tablet holder, easy access storage tray and message rollers positioned to make typing while exercising comfortable”.


Here is the cons:

2.2.1) In our another review post of Folding Exercise Bike with Desk Workstation, we pointed out one of the problem is the desk dimension is not wide enough. As you can see from the photo from one of the customer’s feedback real photo, if I want to use mouse, not too much spaces left for me. Don’t tell the place to put the smart phone. Since the desk dimension is not changed in FitDesk 3.0, so this problem still exists.

2.2.2) FitDesk Company has noticed this immature design defect. To solve this problem, they provide an extra pare of side desk extender, which can attached at both side of the current desk. The desk width can extended twice by this. But unfortunately, customer need pay for it, and it’s not cheap when compare to others.

We strongly suggest FitDesk Company sell the desk extender together with the exercise bike itself. But the price should not increased too much. Or it will be less attractive for customer.

2.2.3) Under FitDesk 2.0 exercise bike’s desk, there is a storage drawer for keeping smart phone, keys, pens or other small things. But New FitDesk 3.0 is cancelled this drawer, moved to the center of the desk. As they said build-in tablet holder and easy access storage tray. The small cover in the center of the desk can hold up for tablet, and the spaces underneath is use for storage. There is an issue here, see. If you use your laptop, your small things will be covered to take out. Only in the situation of using tablet, the drawer can functional. After talking to engineer, we believe the under drawer and center drawer can not both exist, because there is not enough spaces under the desk. 

Best practice: Keep the center cover for tablet, remove the drawer below the cover; still add an underneath drawer as old FitDesk V2.0. Win-Win.
2.3) Driving System:

The driving core is made of double flywheel cycling by rubber belt; An 8 level resistance adjust knob is control the different level, as same as old FitDesk 2.0.

2.4) LCD Monitor:

They called “Performance Meter” in description, actually it’s just a basic monitor with LCD screen as office calculator. It can show Speed, Time, Distance, Total Distance and Calorie. FitDesk 3.0 has a little appearances differences, but the function is the same. Because it is not focus on fitness or training, so both 2.0 and 3.0 don’t have heart rate function. Many normal stationary folding exercise bike or some of the similar exercise bike with desk workstation has pulse sensor to show it on screen. But it’s ok for many customers, because many of them have some wearable devices to get the heart rate data, such as iWatch, Fitbit or other products.

And as we told you in another post, please be noticed the calorie data showed in the monitor is totally inaccurate. Just forget about it. Here is a simple Calories Calculator from Choose the activities, input your personal data, it will show the result.

2.5) Pedal:

See image, the left FitDesk 2.0 uses a textured pattern anti-slip pedal with safety strap. The right FitDesk 3.0 uses a normal pedal with shallow anti-slip pattern without safety strap. We are not sure whether their photo is take by mistake or it is the truth. But this is a downside based on this. Are they try to save some cost? or maybe they think most of the customer uses it with barefoot, so this is more comfortable for them? We will keep an eye on it if they change it later.


2.6) Saddle/Back Cushion:

FitDesk 3.0 exercise bike’s saddle is as same as V2.0. The max cushion thickness is about 2.6 inches, with a great rebound performance. It is really exceed many other brand’s saddle type. All among the exercise bike with desk workstation we reviewed, FitDesk’s saddle is the best at our reviewer’s feeling.       But throughout the customer feedback, there are still many of them said it is stiff and not very comfortable. Honestly there is no perfect saddle, cause everybody feels different based on their own body condition.


These tips may helps you feel better: 1) add a GEL saddle cover; 2) Replace it with your favorite saddle; 3) Add an extra cushion under your butt; 4) Give it several chances and try to get use to it, maybe the second day you may feels good when sit on it again.
There are two positions to assemble the support back, you can adjust it to be fit your upper body. Remember to adjust the saddle, back cushion to your own height.

As above photo shows, For tall people, they also attached a saddle Extender, which will increase the total saddle height. In case you don’t read the manual, please don’t assemble this part if you are not very tall.

2.7) Mobility:

Due to the frame structure, big desk and the back cushion, the folding dimension is not as compact as other non-desk exercise bike, but they still keep the wheels at rear leg, this is good for easy moving here and there at home even for seniors.

2.8) Ergonomics:

We should know, although FitDesk 2.0/3.0 upright exercise bike has its unique features, but it is still an X-structure compact upright exercise bike. Some ergonomics features are compromised to this product. If you want a more comfortable and ergonomics model, maybe a recumbent exercise bike is for you. Don’t know how to decide an upright exercise bike or a recumbent exercise bike? Here we also have a post telling you how to decide it. Ultimate Guide of Recumbent Bike or Upright Bike;

Talking about this one,

First, Due to its scissor-like frame, the gravity is relatively higher than others. So some petite woman, senior people may have difficulties to get on and off the bike, even they can reach the pedal and riding. They need lift their leg high and across the bike to sit on it.

Second, some tall man like over 6’3″, may have problems of hitting the desk when the leg is cycled to the top height. And due to its flywheel and small crank design, the round pedaling route is shorter than normal road bike. Tall people may feel their leg is not fully stretched, it’s a bit like an adult is ride on a children’s bike.

Third, they also called this FitDesk 3.0 as “semi-recumbent”. Yes, there is a support tube under the saddle to make you lean back for several levels. You can try to adjust this if upright is too much stress for you.

2.9) Warranty/Customer Service:

Following the customer feedback, the FitDesk’s warranty and customer service is great. This is one of the key features to build brand and stay long. Hope they will keep like this in future.

2.10) Brand Bonus:

FitDesk’s product is focus on combine the work and exercise, and gain their sales success with it. When they first start to sell The FitDesk 2.0 exercise bike at year 2013, many other fitness brand has not come out this idea. And they made it, FitDesk 2.0 exercise bike with desk stays the best seller in Amazon for many years until now.

But, there is always a but. Why they cost so long time to release a new FitDesk 3.0? And the major upgrade is the desk itself. Merchants should keep make new version to keep fresh in customer’s memory. Like Apple, they have new iphone every year. Does their innovation stopped?

2.11) Others:

If you are first to this product or not a DIY person,  worrying about the assembly. Here is a nice and clear 7 minutes Youtube assemble video to help you.

3. Summary:

FitDesk Company take advantage of launch FitDesk FDX2.0 in 2013 when few other similar products can find it in the market. But time is change and competition is raising every year. Hope FitDesk Company can keep launching very innovative fitness products to customer. Can’t wait to see their FitDesk V4.0 in future, hope it will not wait another 4 years.

FitDesk FDX3.0 Review Score

Overall Durable - 86%
Desk Performance - 86%
Driving System - 100%
LCD Monitor - 90%
Pedal - 86%
Saddle - 100%
Mobility - 100%
Ergonomic - 80%
Warranty - 100%
Brand Bonus - 94%



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