My Favorite Match 3 Game in App Store-Monster Buster Link Flash

APP Review

UI Design - 8.5
Difficulty - 8.8
Social - 9
Time Killing - 9.5
Low Money Cost - 9


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Everybody plays or see someone plays Candy Crush Saga, it’s maybe the most famous Match 3 Puzzle Game in APP store. But today, I’m gonna share with you a Match 3 Game App which is kept the longest in my phone, also one of my favorite Matching Game APP and I thought it is more fun than Candy Crush.  The developer has released three Apps with different game mode, but they all have similar theme, so I called Monster Buster Trilogy, I actually played all of them and enjoy a lot. Here I’m show you the easiest one among them. It’s called Monster Buster Link Flash.  But first, let’s draw the conclusion. See above review rate.

So, this is definitely worth to download. Click to download.  Below is the detail introduction and review you can check it during your download. ^o^

This is the Loading UI and Main Screen.

Please noted you need connect to internet to play, because every time you re-play, they re-arrange the map, and also you may want to login with your Facebook account.

The Start-up and running is very fast, smooth, and after playing a long time, phone will not become hot. It means this App is quite well optimized.

The first screen you see after you login, is the level lists like a Babel Tower, you need pass every level and climb up. And see there are 3 gold stars on the top of the door. That’s one of the challenge you need accomplish. Don’t underestimate it, it’s easy at the beginning, but it has diversity kinds of level, so you can expect some difficult here. This also will spend you a lot of time. Try your best, my friends.

Link Flash was first released at 7th, June 2016, and they updated 25 times in 10 months, the game is now have 492 main levels tower, and total 820 small levels.  So suppose you passed 10 main levels a day, it will still cost you over a month to go through it. So, I’m pretty sure this is a great time killing recreation App in your iphone.

As a typical match 3 game, it is easy to understand. Just use your finger, connect at least 3 same color monsters, then they will eliminate. At first several levels, App has details instructions on every strategy you can take, every tools you can use, etc. It’s easy to play, no easy to have 3 stars in some stages.

Why I keep saying it is not easy to win 3 stars? See the top left, on every stage, you only have limited steps. so you need finish the goal in 25 steps, for example, but also need to win as many scores as you can.

One the top right corner, there are five in-game tools to help you better pass it, like hammer, clock, etc.  Besides, there are more details wait for you to discover. I think I’m not reveal everything here. You may too boring to reading, I just left you to find it in the game.




Except these hundreds of level, they also prepared A Weekly Championship Activity, and A daily Time Attacks Activity.

First, you need to win a high score to beat other players to win the extra gold. Second, at time attacks, you only have 1 minute to finish the game level.

As one of my expectations, I hope they can add more features in future, such as two players can play at the same stage to PK, or you can ask your friends to pay it together. That will be awesome.



Every user has its Profile, ID, and have some basic game settings. Glad to see they support 15 different languages such as China, German, Japanese, Korea, etc. The developer is really put some effort on it.


 Also as same as other game App, they offer in-game purchase to help you, such as add game life.

For example, basically you only have 5 life, if you failed once, then only 4 life left. When you reach to zero life, you need wait for several minutes to auto recover.

But they are very generous to us. You can only spend 4000 game golds to buy extra 5 life, which is very easy to earn it. So theoretically, you can play without spend any penny.

If you ever played such matching 3 game, you may aware, the key to pass the level is somehow depends on your lucky. Sometimes the App will generate an easy one, sometimes will be a difficult one.  So you’d better not resist to use the tools they provided.  Spend gold and money at your needs.

At last, let me tell you the most useful tools in the game I found out. I already marked a green circle in the photo, I will not tell you their function and why they are the best,  Just keep it in mind, and go to download it and find out by your own.

Have fun and challenge me. Right now, the 1st winner is achieve 2610 starts. Me ?  2235 stars so far.

So Sad! (▰˘︹˘▰)