Don’t know how to make a Fitness Recipes? Here is a new APP

Just in 6th.April 2017,  Runtastic released a new Free APP called Runtasty.

It is a fitness recipes recommendation app with short video, designed by a famous running app Runtastic.

Runtastic was acquired by Adidas for € 220 million in 2015. Adidas was have their own app named MyCoach. But  they have decided to drop it and transfer their user to Runtastic.

If you are participate in a Gym course or trying to keep fit.
You may also interest in using this kind of health recipes app to look at the data of the food.

Control the incoming calorie, burning extra calorie, You can stay health and fit.

So, let’s take a detailed look of this APP.

This is the home screen when you open the app.

Quite simple to everybody, it shows lists of many many recipes they collected.  The food picture is quite attractive, I think I would eat more after see these pictures. There are four icons shows the recipe’s nutrition facts to help you identify the features of this recipes. But this will cost some time to get familiar with these icons.

For example, the first one “MIXED SALAD WITH STEAK & AVOCADO”, were  including 4 icons called Meat, High-Protein, Post-workout and Dairy-Free.   At the right side, you can press the “heart” icon to mark it as your favorites, and you can check your favorites in forth screen.





Then, you can access the detail of this recipes. It shows a beautiful, well-shot detail video on how to make it, some Tags, Ingredients, Directions, Nutrition Facts, etc.

You can clearly know to many calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat of this meal were included.

But, after that, you may need other APP or make your own records or calculate. This is the lack of this APP.







Second screen is “How to”, right now it only including some basic “how to” video such as “cut an onion”, “cut an avocado”, etc. Hope they will keep adding new and special cooking video.










Last screen is your profile. Its quite simple also. No detail setting option.  Only two share options of their Facebook and Twitter. Underneath, it was the link to their other apps such as Runtastic.

The benefit of this that you are free of push message on your smart phone.









On the summary, this is a quite new app, still has a lot of contents to add on, a lot of improvement to do if they want to make it popular.

Here are some improvements to make this app better:

  1. Contents: Add more contents by the developer
  2. Community: User can generate their own recipes and upload photo, video to the app, so this will increase the user is loyalty.
  3. Data: track user’s calories, food, etc to better help them monitor it, or connect with their or 3rd health APP to analyse it. Not just a information APP.

APP Review

Interface - 8.5
Content - 6.9
Social - 5
User Rating: No Ratings Yet !

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